Here are 4 signs that it’s time to replace your windows!

  1. Dust & Air comes through cracks and pockets into your home.
  2. Windows are hard to open and close and you can feel heat coming through them.
  3. You can see the wood is falling apart from termite or dry rot damage.
  4. Your electicity bills are high in the summer and Gas heating bills go up in winter months.

If you answered yes to just 2 of these signs, then it’s time to update your windows to new double pane energy efficient ones. To schedule a free consultation and estimate please click here or the menu above to make an appointment!!!

Window Types

Double pane replacement windows are designed and engineered to provide beauty, energy efficiency, durability and ease of operation. They come in various types of which we have listed below.


Double Slider

Single Hung

Double Hung


If you would like to learn more about our window options please schedule a free in-home consultation by calling us at 818-854-6145 or fill out our request form by clicking here!